Dear businesses, your smaller guests need your support!

Kiddy Step Pro is here to help and support you,

We have all experienced or seen it in public toilets: In order to wash the hands of small children, the accompanying adults have to lift the child to the not lowered sink as well as hold it up and additionally wash both hands of the child with one hand. The posture is very uncomfortable for the child as well as the adult, and the clothing as well as body gets wet and also dirty.
Additionally, we must mention that it is hurtful to experience the impossibility of a simple hand washing for people of short stature.
So, as you can imagine, it is a daily struggle to stay hygienically clean when the small guests explore this world.

Please allow us to point out, this very inconvenient way of hand washing, which your guests go through when the sink is not adapted.


We have the solution,

Kiddy Step Pro, a stepper from Austria, a completely high-quality EU product, with certification from TÜV Austria for functionality and safety, recognized in all of European and Scandinavian countries.

Family friendliness and hygienic safety are values that distinguish our company. Especially in the currently very challenging times, where washing hands is a very important issue for all. And increased hand hygiene is indispensable.

Our patented Kiddy Step Pro designs are a novelty and are unique in EU. It is the solution to the problems in public sanitary areas with unadapted, not lowered washbasins and enables small children, as well as people of small stature, to use any washing facility in a more appropriate and family-friendly way.

The KSP is firmly attached to the floor under the washbasin with anchor bolts. When not in use, the step surface is aligned vertically by means of a gas suspension. As soon as a child wants to use the sink, e.g. To wash his hands, he or she presses the step / platform down with one foot into a horizontal position and stands with both legs on it. Due to the weight of the child, the step surface / platform remains horizontal. After leaving the platform, it will automatically slowly stand up slowly again.

We hope that you as a professional business with public lavatories, might now have a better understanding of the difficulties that all your smaller guests have when using not adapted sanitary facilities/ not lowered washbasins.

It is more important than ever to be able to solve the issue in your lavatories, for your small guests who are a part of the society and also depend on your support.

And now,

Your advantages of the Kiddy Step Pro:

  • Gain of an additional sink: without rebuilding, for your smaller guests.
  • Barrier-free facility: with the Kiddy Step Pro you are sending out an important signal that your establishment is a barrier-free, comfortable, family-friendly and modern company.
  • Cost reduction & environmentally friendly: Considerable savings in cleaning time and cleaning agents.
  • Cleaning: cleaning staff can easily clean the step support and the floor area. The sink and floor remain dry. Less soiling and the risk of slipping. This enables a much cleaner sanitary area.
  • Installation: Low cost and time reduction by avoiding an alternatively complex conversion for a child-friendly washing facility. Quick and easy assembly within only 30 minutes.
  • High product quality: Made in EU. To ensure a long service life and easy cleaning, the product is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and is powder-coated paint.
  • Liability & certification: All three Kiddy Step Pro designs have been extensively tested by
    TÜV Austria for functionality and safety and confirmed by a certificate, so your company is protected. 


Would you like one or more of the three versions of the Kiddy Step Pro for your company?
Then we congratulate you on the exemplary important step in the right direction, towards a more hygienic, family-friendly and modern company.

We look forward to hearing from you and placing your order.

Your KSP Team

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