As a father of two wonderful children, I became aware of a challenge that all parents and people of short stature know all too well. The lack of accessibility, especially in the area of hand hygiene in public sanitary facilities.

Experience began first with our first-born son then with our daughter. Because of two heart surgeries done on our daughter before the age of 2, you would understand that hygiene was more than just a natural part of everyday life for our family. It became an important and essential part of our lives.

No matter where we were in Austria or in any European country that we visited, the basic fundamental right of all, using a public toilette and being able to wash their hands had been for some unclear explanation ignored. No matter where we went, hospitals, museums, shopping centers, restaurants, train stations etc, uncomplicated hand washing was never possible in public sanitary areas. Strangely because the sinks were built only so that adults could have access to them. I was often annoyed by these circumstances and discrimination.

We like millions of other families were always faced with the problem of having to lift the children up holding them uncomfortably against the sink and at the same time washing their hands or faces. Most of the time the clothes and body got wet in this process. For those who are not aware, the sink in a public sanitary area is the most contaminated section.

This type of hand washing does NOT ensure correct accessibility or a safe, hygienic ability to wash hands in a public toilette. As it should, for even the small guests.


I kept my eyes open for a solution which would be simple and practical. On a trip to the USA with the kids, I found a similar solution at first in the airport, then in a museum. It was clear to me, I wanted to adapt the idea for Europe and make everyday life easier for children, the families and for people of small stature.

After two years, and many many hours of work, I developed three designs of the Kiddy Step Pro with the help of engineers, for any kind of unmodified sink. I had repeatedly and extensively testings done for functionality and safety by TÜV-Austria. I was finally rewarded in November 2020 by receiving certificates for all 3 designs.

My dream came finally true, by offering a solution to make a change for all families using public sanitary areas. With the hope that the people in charge recognize the importance. If all the problematic and issues of the daily usage of public sinks of all families isn’t a good enough reason, then I sure do hope that the pandemic was.

So this is the story of Kiddy Step Pro and a father who decided to make a change.

Ask and inquire why there is almost no accessibility for small children or people of small stature, such as no adapted washbasins in public sanitary facilities. And why they are not being adapted.

Right now, hand washing is more important than ever, isn’t it?

Wish you all a healthier and safer environment, best wishes Michel