Legal protection

The certification from TÜV Austria guarantees functionality and safety. Thus, the operation of the Kiddy Step Pro is legally protected.

What is the Kiddy Step Pro?

The Kiddy Step Pro is the first and only self-retracting step stool in Europe that children can use to safely reach the sink and soap dispenser in public toilets.

Why was the Kiddy Step Pro developed?

Every parent knows that washing hands is the most effective way to protect our children from germs and viruses. The problem is that children are usually not tall enough to reach the sink and soap dispenser in public toilets. The only way for parents is to lift their child and hold it against the sink – which almost always results in wet sleeves, poor hand washing, wet floors, and frustration for everyone involved. The Kiddy Step Pro is a safe, hygienically clean AND the only inexpensive solution to this problem.

Will adults bump their knees, shins, or feet when they wash their hands in a sink that has a Kiddy Step Pro installed?

When an adult uses a sink where the step stool is installed, no body part ever comes into contact with the Kiddy Step Pro due to its unique design. When a child steps off the step stool, the hydraulic spring system automatically brings the step back up into a vertical alignment under the sink and is therefore completely out of the way.

How do our customers know what the Kiddy Step Pro is and how to use it?

Every Kiddy Step Pro comes with a manual, attached to the bottom of the platform facing the customer, which informs your customers how to use the Kiddy Step Pro safely.

When not in use, the step surface is vertically aligned by means of a gas lift. As soon as a child wants to use the sink, e.g. to wash his hands, he pushes the step surface/platform down with one foot to the horizontal alignment and stands on it with both legs. The child’s weight keeps the step surface/platform in a horizontal position. After the child steps off the platform, it slowly straightens itself back up vertically.

Who installs the Kiddy Step Pro?

We recommend that a qualified person, a maintenance company or a service provider carry out the installation.

How is the Kiddy Step Pro mounted?

The KSP is mounted in the floor under the sink using provided anchor bolts. Please follow the installation instructions correctly and use the installation template sent with the product.

How long does the installation take?

The installation of the Kiddy Step Pro takes about 30 minutes on average.

Should Kiddy Step Pro be in both men's and women's toilets installed?

With so many parents sharing responsibility for parenting, it would be advisable.

How much weight can the Kiddy Step Pro carry?

The Kiddy Step Pro has been extensively tested by TÜV Austria for functionality, safety and has been confirmed by a certificate. The test results show that the step can carry a static load of maximum 30kg / 66lbs.

How long is the guarantee?

There is a guarantee of 24 months from the date of purchase against manufacturing and material defects under normal use. The guarantee does not apply to vandalism.

From where do I get the installation template?

The installation template is included in the delivery package if lost, please order at

From where do I get the operation manual

The operation manual is included in the delivery package if lost, please order at